Eligibility for new and current nsoro scholars:

  1. Age 16-26
  2. GPA of 2.0 or higher
  3. Enrolled in a fully accredited program, college, university or school. 

Each semester, please submit the following in order to receive your scholarship:

  1. Completed Financial Aid Verification Form [available for download here.]
  2. Current transcripts
  3. Class registration for the upcoming semester
  4. Tuition for the upcoming semester - in tandem with your financial aid verification form
  5. A short detailed letter explaining how you would like your award to be applied. (Tuition, Housing, Meal Plan, Etc.)

If you would like a pre-disbursement letter sent to your college or university, please include in your award application letter a direct email address to your primary contact in the financial aid office.

Submission Deadlines & Disbursement Dates:

  1. Fall Term: Forms Due By August 20  > All awards will be disbursed by September 30th.
  2. Spring Term: Forms Due By January 18 > All awards will be disbursed by February 28th.
  3. Summer Term: Forms Due By May 20 > All awards will be disbursed by June 30th.


Please DO NOT email forms. 

Please contact us at (404) 524-0807 or email us at onewell@nsoro.foundation if you have any questions.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.